Suggestions and tips for purchasing RSM products

Suggestions and tips for purchasing RSM products

What are the additional costs for purchasing RSM products?

Many customers have such questions.

Since this is a standard international shopping and express delivery, I would like to explain that customers need to pay extra:


1 Tariff:

customers need to pay the tariff of the country where they are located. Different countries have different laws.

Normally, the United States has no tariffs on packages worth no more than $200.

Australia does not have tariffs on packages valued at or above $2000.

But European countries generally pay taxes on packages above 20 euro.So please ask the tariff rate in advance.


2 Tax on shopping platforms.

Recently, many third-party shopping platforms have imposed additional taxes(so blood expensive :cry:). For example, eBay, Amazon and so on. These taxes are paid directly to shopping platforms. But if you buy it at the RSM online store, there is no tax. it is recommended to purchase directly from RSM website, which can save money.


3 Express charges in remote areas.

Many commercial express, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL and so on, will charge extra for some remote addresses. In general, we have already paid for this. In fact, for many transactions in remote areas, we have already paid extra fees when we deliver the package to the carrier. Therefore, for many transactions in remote areas, we are likely to have no profit (remote fees are so blood expensive :cry: )


4 Norwegian customers who bought on the eBay platform.

So far, This is a special case.. Please refer to:


It is recommended to purchase directly in RSM store.


5 Please confirm whether scope is prohibited by the law of your country.

Many countries prohibit the import of scope as gun parts. For example, in South Korea, it is not allowed to import scopes with crosshairs.Many Korean customers will confiscate the scope at the Korean customs.Be sure to confirm the local laws before purchasing the scope.


Thank you for your help and understanding. 

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