Reproduction the classics with Red Star Mountain

Red Star Mountain(R.S.M) ,Since 2007  

We specialize in reprofuction the WW II sniper rifle scopes and accessories.All of our products are in accordance with the original product design and manufacturing.

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Red Star Mountain Scopes

German K98 Series

ZF39 scope, rings mount and side mount, etc.


Mosin Nagant Series

PU scope, PEM scope and mount, etc.


Lee Enfield Series

MK2 scope MK3 scope mount  and pad ,etc.


US SpringField Series
US SpringField M73B1 scope,mount etc.


Swiss K31 Series

Diopter Sights For Swiss K31 Rifle ,etc.


Outdoor Hunting Equipment

Professional compass and other equipment.


Perfect and Safe Shopping Experience

We can ship to worldwide(Please confirm the law that complies with your local imported products).We will ship to you by EMS/FedEx/DHL Standard global express.
RSM provides lifelong quality assurance service. Please tell us the quality problem, RSM will provide best after-sales service.
Technical Support
RSM has technical experts in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, etc. Can provide professional technical support.